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Steps for LCC Membership Success

So you joined the Lake Champlain Chamber…now what? Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your membership!

Six ways to maximize your LCC membership

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1. Identify what you hope to gain from your membership

Whether you are looking to build relationships with peers and potential customers, professionally develop through educational workshops and programs, raise your profile as a community leader, utilize discounts, or advocate for legislative issues that impact your business, the Chamber is the place for you and your employees to get connected and be heard. 

The Chamber staff is here to help shape your membership into something that is specifically designed to suit you and your business.

2. include your entire staff in your membership

When you join the Chamber, your entire staff joins the Chamber. Anyone on your team can benefit from our Member-to-Member Discount Program, events and programming. Be sure to extend all the professional development, educational, networking and savings opportunities to your team; the more they get involved, the more your membership will blossom. 

3. Read all our chamber communications

.The Chamber emails are the best way to stay in the know.  Stay informed on our upcoming events, program news and legislative updates by reading our bi-monthly newsletters and weekly legislative update (when we are in session). 

If you currently aren’t receiving our emails or are interested in signing you or your staff members up for any of our programs’ newsletters, you can do so here.

4. make your membership pay for itself

Our Member-to-Member Discount Program helps reduce your bottom line.  This program is consistently updated with more member-created, cost-saving products and services

Looking for a way to promote your services? Consider offering your own discount! Email [email protected] to sign up. 

5. connect with fellow members

One of the biggest benefits to joining the Chamber is an instant community. Not only do our events, programs and workshops help you cultivate valuable connections, but you are able to engage directly with members via the member portal.

Our Chamber team are expert networkers as well. If there is a business you want to get in contact with or are looking for a specific service or support but don’t know who to reach out to, let us know! Send an email at [email protected]

6. lend us your voice

Be part of the conversation that moves business forward with our committees, peer networks, surveys and community conversations. Our best initiatives and programs came from ideas made by members like you! 

We value our members. We want to ensure that the time you spend with us is incredibly beneficial to your business. Any member of our Chamber team is more than happy to field any questions, concerns or ideas you have. Explore our staff directory, and if you are still unsure of who to contact, reach out to us at [email protected]