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Join the Lake Champlain Chamber

What can the Lake Champlain Chamber do for you? Name it! 


We create business prosperity by connecting our businesses to the people and resources they need to succeed. We speak the language of business, can engage the right people and are not afraid to ask the tough questions and fight for your business. We stand by your business as your ally, advocate and change agent.

Join LCC today, and put our network to work for you!

Expand the sections below to see how you can maximize your membership:

As a business membership organization, LCC fosters connections between employers and employees, among big companies and small, between our member-employers and their representatives in Montpelier.

How you can make connections:

LCC is all about people and prosperity. We are committed to helping our business community thrive. With our promotional opportunities and entrepreneurship programming, we work to develop meaningful solutions to your business needs.

How you can promote and grow your business:

LCC understands our state’s workforce challenges. Through our talent recruitment and retention initiatives, we work to be part of the solution.

How you can find and retain talent:

LCC helps people improve their skills, their networks and their leadership capabilities. In short, helping people and groups of people get better at what they do.

How you can improve your skills:

LCC is in the business of seeking and supporting economic opportunity for all Vermonters. With our dedicated advocacy team, we work to provide a voice for our member business community on a local, state and national level. 

How you can advocate for your business:

We love our corner of the world and Vermont, and want to share it, which is why we actively promote a robust visitor economy. That means telling the world about our special place, its people, its hospitality, its history, its art and culture, its outdoor recreation.

How to engage with our visitor economy: