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For media inquiries, please contact: Austin Davis, [email protected] or 802-863-3489 x 228

Catherine Z. Davis

[email protected]
802.863.3489 x206

Jeff Lawson

Vice President of Tourism & Marketing, Hello Burlington
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x230

Patrick O'Neil

Vice President of Finance & Operations
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x207

Lauren Bass

Director of LaunchVT
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x212

Nicole Belanus

Operations Manager
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x209

Alex Bunten

Director of Workforce and Education
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x201

Tom Carton

Strategy & Operations Manager, Hello Burlington
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x204

Amelia Cayer

Director of Communications & Engagement | Burlington Young Professionals Manager
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x220

Austin Davis

Director of Government Affairs 
[email protected] 
802.863.3489 x228

Nick Edwards

Social Media Manager, Hello Burlington
[email protected] 
802.863.3489 x218

Mari Breen Palace

Destination Sales Manager, Hello Burlington
802.863.3489 x217

Tom Torti headshot

Tom Torti

CEO, Lake Champlain Opportunity Fund
[email protected]
802.863.3489 x202