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Income Advance Program Q&A with Rhino Foods Foundation

The Lake Champlain Chamber and Rhino Foods Foundation got together and presented a free, informative and interactive webinar detailing how businesses can adopt innovative workplace practices that champion employee financial stability and make good business sense.

The Income Advance Program focuses on employee financial stability by providing employees with access to emergency funds that help them overcome adversity and get on a path toward greater resilience by helping them build credit and start saving for the future.

This one hour webinar explains the quick and easy process of setting up and administering this program with no risk to the employer. Hear from Debby Rolland, Executive Director of Rhino Foods Foundation; Ted Castle, Owner and President of Rhino Foods; and Jeff Smith, Senior Vice President of Lending at NorthCountry Federal Credit Union.

If you’re interested in setting up an Income Advance program, or if you have questions, contact Debby Rolland at [email protected].

You can access the slide decks from this presentation below:

Rhino Foods Foundation Slide Deck

NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Slide Deck