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Lifting restrictions and celebrating success

Our advocacy team is elated to bring you not one or two, but three pieces of good news!  Our economy is fully reopening, PPP is not being taxed, and bridge grants are available!

Remaining restrictions lifted

As Vermont hit a first in the country (and possibly the world), 80% of our population vaccinated today, Governor Phil Scott dropped the last of Vermont’s COVID-19 restrictions! LCC tirelessly advocated as early as December of last year for the Vermont economy to re-open in a predictable manner proportional to the level of COVID-19 vaccination. Much of this work was informed by planning a return to in-person events, to develop precautionary measures and benchmarks across the entire economy. We are happy to see the last of the restrictions dropped today and look forward to seeing your smiling faces out and about this summer!

PPP won't be taxed

On Tuesday, Governor Scott signed H.436, the miscellaneous tax bill which overturned language in Act 9 that made forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans taxable income under Vermont law. In response to Act 9, our team mobilized outreach from our membership as well as over 55 organizations in a coalition we quickly assembled to ensure that PPP operated as it was intended. 

Thank you to everyone who worked with us on this groundswell of response! Read more on this and other tax changes on the Tax Department website

Bridge Grants Available

Be sure to apply as soon as possible! LCC successfully advocated for the program criteria of this new business gap grant to be broadened beyond just those businesses who received no support, giving those businesses who received nothing initial priority for the first 30-days of awards and then priority for other businesses on a rolling basis. Public guidance can be found at the ACCD COVID-19 Recovery Resource Center.  

It is important to apply for this program as the total applications will help gauge future economic analysis of the impact of the pandemic. 

The state is what?

Now that we have reached 80% vaccinated and the state is opening up, you likely have questions, and we have some answers.

  • How can I find more employees?

Submit your job postings to our job board, and request access to our resume drive. The resume drive holds resumes of potential candidates, ranging in expertise and backgrounds.

  • How can I let people know we are open and ready for business? 

We can help spread the word! Submit any news or business updates.

Still have questions, or want to work through some ideas? Email Erin

  • What safety measures do I need to follow now? 

On June 10th, OSHA released updated guidance. For most employers, this means they no longer need to take steps to protect their fully vaccinated workers, who are not otherwise at-risk from COVID-19 exposure. This guidance focuses only on protecting unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk workers in their workplaces. Read the OSHA guidelines and be sure to update your employee handbooks, safety, and/or continuity plans to be in line with new guidance. VOSHA released additional state guidance that should be observed.

  • What can I do about making sure staff still has the ability to get vaccinated?

There are tax credits to help your employees get time off to be vaccinated! You can also arrange for a vaccination clinic at your worksite, or help encourage vaccination with incentives

Have additional questions?

Schedule a time to chat with our advocacy team, and get a full recap of what happened this Legislative Session in our 2021 Legislative Session Summary.

Even though restrictions have been lifted, some businesses are still feeling the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please consider supporting theses businesses with a Pay It Forward donation. With your donation, you will help support LCC membership for those businesses harmed by COVID-19.