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LCRCC Presents: Summer Tourism

The Lake Champlain Chamber promotes the Lake Champlain region as a welcoming destination where visitors can explore and experience the area’s scenic diversity, rich culture, and close proximity to the state’s outdoor natural and recreational treasures. Through projects, initiatives, events and our welcome centers, we connect tourists to our member businesses and our member businesses to tourism-driven educational and promotional resources.

We ensure our members benefit from the financial impact of Vermont’s 13 million yearly travelers and engaged residential patrons.

View of man kayaking in Lake Champlain

How Do We Promote Tourism?

Our tourism digital marketing strategy centers on the Vermont experience.

Beginning with, we work to tell the story of our tourism members in the best way possible–which is why we are proud to be launching a more user-friendly and experience-heavy In addition to its being easy and more enticing for tourists to plan their next vacation here, our tourism members will be provided even more opportunities to advertise and showcase their services.

To amplify our social media followers and email subscribers, we partnered with the state and lodgers to run three series of Vermont experience giveaways. As a result, we added more than 8,000 new emails to our tourism quarterly list and garnered over three million impressions across our various social media networks.

We continue to work with travel writers to ensure they explore all our members have to offer. In addition to working directly with writers to plan itineraries and establish exclusive rates, we are always on the lookout for new partnerships and co-ops for our members. This year we were present at the New York Times Travel Show, where we connected with over 1,000 travelers, bloggers, social media influencers, media representatives and industry leaders. We also partnered with the Boston Herald to run a two-page spread on fall tourism in the Lake Champlain region. The feature ran on digital platforms, print, and we promoted the piece on Boston public radio. Our tourism members will have the opportunity to advertise with the Boston Herald again this fall.

Sunset view of Lake Champlain with sailboats in the water

100,000 copies of Experience Burlington, our annual magazine features listings and editorials of member organizations and the region, and 40,000 copies of the Islands Map + Guide made their way into visitors hands this year. 

Our summer Familiarization event hosted tourism members, hospitality members, and welcome center staff. Participating tourism members had an opportunity to share what they have going on so that individuals who work directly with tourists can better showcase our region. We will be hosting another Familiarization tour this fall.

How Can I Help?

Connect with us on our social media channels, share photos, check out and cross-promote our blog series (, and participate in our Tourism Forum. You don’t have to be a tourism member to get involved and help promote our region.

Person sitting on a mountain top reading a book looking at the view of Vermont