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Lake Champlain Chamber Board Adopts Mayor Weinberger’s Public Safety Priorities

February 15, 2023 – The Board of Directors of the Lake Champlain Chamber (LCC) voted to adopt Mayor Miro Weinberger’s Public Safety Priorities as the Chamber’s policy positions on public safety at their February Board Meeting. The unanimous vote in favor came after the Chamber convened a Public Safety Committee to review how the Chamber could best utilize its advocacy resources to ensure greater public safety in the region. 


Chamber President Cathy Davis stated that “The Lake Champlain Chamber seeks to create economic opportunities for all Vermonters. We strongly believe that our region must be one where both businesses and residents can thrive and one that is safe and welcoming for everyone. After a thorough review, we believe that moving forward with recommendations in Mayor Weinberger’s public safety priorities is the best path forward to ensure that the greater Burlington area continues to be a safe place that is welcoming for all and one that allows both our businesses and residents to flourish.” Davis continued that “We are aware that there are many organizations and individuals working diligently on the complex issues considered in these recommendations. We look forward to engaging with others and collaborating so that we can move forward on opportunities to improve our systems and infrastructure as they relate to issues of health and safety.”


Mayor Weinberger welcomed the Chamber’s actions, adding that “I greatly appreciate the Lake Champlain Chamber’s willingness to engage the public safety challenges we are currently facing and use their advocacy resources to help move the community forward. I am particularly grateful for the Chamber’s willingness to take a clear position opposing Question 7 on the Town Meeting Day ballot – this is the wrong time for another poorly-planned public safety experiment.”

The Lake Champlain Chamber has long advocated for business and economic issues at the local, state, and federal levels.