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2022 Taste of Vermont

The Lake Champlain Chamber and the GBIC Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation will host the Fifteenth Annual Taste of Vermont Reception in Washington, D.C., with honored guest Senator Patrick Leahy (D Vt.), on Thursday, September 22.

The annual event has become well known throughout the Capital Region for its dynamic showcase of Vermont specialty food products. Of the more than 30 participants represented at the reception, 17 of their Founders, CEOs, and Presidents will attend and will be helping to serve their delicious creations to all attendees!

The Taste of Vermont Reception will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 22, in the historic Kennedy Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill. This special event is by invitation only, with an attendee list that will include United States Senators, United States Representatives, as well as Federal and State officials.

Leahy said: “The proven premise of Taste of Vermont is that tasting is believing. Quality is the hallmark for any product made in the Green Mountain State. It is our brand. While the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the Taste of Vermont from the Senate the last two years, I am excited for its return this fall, to remind all who attend of the innovative and high-quality products coming out of Vermont. The Taste of Vermont is the premier state showcase event on Capitol Hill, and it has been my honor to see it grow in the 15 years it has been hosted in the nation’s capital.”

Participating Vendors

Against the Grain Gourmet

Against the Grain Gourmet is committed to baking gluten free products using the natural properties of real foods. They combine innovative artisan baking techniques with naturally gluten free ingredients to stabilize, bind, and leaven their breads. The result is a line of products with absolutely no compromise in taste, quality, and texture.

Artesano Mead & KIS Kombucha

Artesano’s traditional mead is a pure honey wine made from Vermont bees and crafted in Groton. KIS Kombucha is also produced in Vermont from organic ingredients and pure Vermont water. Their small batch brews are tasty and pure! 

Barr Hill

Barr Hill’s mindful approach to distilling is influenced by Vermont’s working landscape and the four seasons that so strongly define this place. Their fermentation process captures the natural variation of wild yeast. With custom built stills that reflect Barr Hill’s do-it-yourself ethos, their distillers skillfully select the heart of each batch. Founded by a beekeeper, raw honey is the distinguishing ingredient in each spirit, imparting a soft and subtle essence of wildflower nectars. To sip Barr Hill spirits is to be transported to a wild place on the fringe of field and forest – this is Landcrafted.

Black River Produce

Blake Hill Preserves

Blake Hill Preserves is an English fruit preservatory in Vermont creating innovative jams, marmalades, and condiments for the modern pantry. They combine three generations of preserve-making skills with innovative, super elegant flavors and the finest ingredients.

Cabot Creamery

Cabot Creamery Co-operative has been in operation since 1919, making a full line of award-winning cheddar cheese and dairy products. Cabot is owned by more than 600 dairy farm families throughout New England and New York. As a certified B Corp, they are committed to the planet, its people, and returning profits to the farm families in the cooperative.

Champlain Orchards

As one of the oldest continuously operating orchards in Vermont, Champlain Orchards takes pride in growing over 100 varieties of apples, as well as peaches, pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, and berries. They are careful stewards of the land and grow their fruit following strict Eco-Apple requirements, while striving to minimize the orchard’s carbon footprint and sustainably contribute to their community.

Champlain Valley Apiaries

Champlain Valley Apiaries is a 3rd generation family-owned business. Founded in 1931 by Charles Mraz, Champlain Valley Apiaries has been producing and packing delicious honey for over 80 years. They manage 1,000 colonies of honey bees in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. They produce both a liquid and naturally crystallized raw honey.

Comfort Cookies

Comfort Cookies is very particular about what goes into their Vermont gourmet cookies and what does not. Deep, rich Callebaut chocolate, King Arthur Flour, farm-fresh Shadow Cross Farm eggs, and Cabot Butter, all natural ingredients…only these and love go into Comfort Cookies.

Dakin Farm

Dakin Farm has been proudly offering “What Vermont Tastes Like” since 1792. As aa family owned and operated business, Dakin Farm focuses solely on offering each and every one of their customers the best flavor, quality, and value available anywhere, at any price. Dakin Farm’s world-famous products include: smoked and maple glazed spiral-sliced ham, cob-smoked bacon, specialty cheeses, pure Vermont maple syrup, irresistible baby back ribs, and barbeque, all available for nationwide shipping, year-round.

Island Homemade Ice Cream

Island Homemade Ice Cream was founded in 2004 by Gary and Patty Sundberg. Bob Lake purchased the company in 2020 and has been running it since then. Bob is an entrepreneur who has a love of ice cream, and he was intrigued by the idea of having an ice cream company.

As a native of Vermont, Bob has strong roots to his community and state, and when this opportunity presented itself, he loved the idea of growing this business and keeping it in Vermont. He has a strong sense of tradition and has kept all the recipes true to the original, as that is what has made Island Homemade Ice Cream so popular!

Laughing Moon Chocolates

As always, the mission at Laughing Moon Chocolates is: to utilize a well balanced combination of traditional methods and superior ingredients to create exceptionally delicious and unique hand-made chocolates and confections in an exciting, creative, customer driven environment which promotes learning and financial profit. This has been Laughing Moon’s mission since they started in 2001 and in 2008 they took it one step further adding the tag line “Chocolate on a Mission” which really describes their commitment to product, environment, charitable giving, and locally produced foods. Their chocolates are available online.

Ma Bean's Pies

Mad River Distillers

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Maplebrook Farm

Maplebrook Farm produces handmade artisanal cheeses in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Now offering over twelve cheeses, Maplebrook Farm uses old world cheesemaking techniques to produce fresh quality products, with remarkable flavor and texture. rBGH & rBST-free, 100% Vermont Milk provides a distinguishable quality and unparalleled flavor.

My Organic Coco

Hot chocolate should be enjoyed, not questioned, and it’s what My Organic Coco leaves out that makes it so darn good. My Organic Coco is pure and simple hot chocolate, nothing lab-created – just fewer ingredients like nutrient-dense cacao and maca. Better yet, their mixes are lower in sugar, gluten, and dairy, and they’re soy-free. Consider your cup filled! A woman-owned business in Vermont, My Organic Coco thinks simple is good, easy is even better, and choosing a beverage shouldn’t give you decision fatigue. My Organic Coco believes there’s room for more joy in every day – even Tuesdays – and a mug of authentic hot cocoa is a great way to find it.

Monti Verdi Salumi

Monti Verdi Salumi is a small artisanal processing facility dedicated to the production of Italian style cured meat. Their authentic Italian salumi-making methods merge with the Green Mountains of Vermont – where Monti Verdi calls home – to bring you a marriage of ethical, sustainable, and true products from the farm.

Nanarella's Fruit Pâte

Nanarella’s Fruit Pâte is produced in the style of traditional French pâte de fruit by Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm, LLC, of South Strafford, Vermont. These chewy, melt-in-your-mouth, one-inch squares are bursting with the flavor of blueberries, raspberries, and red, black, and white currants picked from their very own Morrill Mountain Fruit Farm.

Nanarella’s uses only organic cane sugar, puree of naturally grown fruit, organic French pectin, dextrose, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. These high-quality ingredients are carefully combined in small batches to create a sweet treat that can be served with tea and biscuits, as an accompaniment to a dessert or cheese tray, or by itself, as a tasty anytime reward. It’s the perfect solution to cravings for sweetness and only 70 calories for two!

Proceeds from the sales of Nanarella’s Fruit Pâte go to endow a scholarship in honor of Dana S. Clarke, Jr.

Olivia's Croutons

Olivia’s Croutons bakes their breads from scratch without any additives or enhancers. They use fresh, whole ingredients like real butter, fresh garlic, and expeller-pressed oils. These commitments result in croutons like no other. Since 1991, Olivia’s has grown from a home kitchen to a state-of-the-art commercial bakery, all in the beautiful state of Vermont. Olivia’s strives to make a difference: in the way they make their croutons, partner with their dedicated employees, engage with their community, and support organizations and events working to end childhood hunger.

SAP! Beverages

Co-Founders Chas and Nikita are cousins from a big family, an eighth generation family of Vermont. Nikita’s side of the family has been in the maple industry for a long time. Nikita owns his own sugarbush in Underhill, Vermont with 12,000 tapped maple trees. Chas runs a smaller sugarbush in Underhill on the other side of the valley. Sap! has been enjoyed by their family for years. Now they want to share it with you!

SILO Distillery

SILO’s spirits are made with 100% Vermont corn, grown in North Clarendon, Vermont at Grembowicz Farm. They produce a smooth, clean vodka, versatile enough for any cocktail, but enjoyable all on its own. This is not your typical neutral, flavorless vodka—each sip is full of Vermont’s natural bounty, brimming with character. 

True North Granola

True North Granola is a local, family-owned business, started by two retired educators from Vermont. They offer more than 12 flavors of granola, chock-full of healthy, specialty food ingredients, which are designed to meet a variety of nutritional needs.  Supporting public education in Vermont is one of True North’s primary goals. Try the granola today to see why their customers continue to say, “Simply the best granola I’ve ever had.”

Vermont Coffee Company

Vermont Coffee Company started in 2001 with the simple desire to share great coffee with the best of friends. All these years later, and the big, bold flavor of their organic arabica blends continues to unite a tight-knit community of farmers, retailers and customers. Ethically sourced and sustainably slow-roasted using 100% renewable energy, this is coffee that’s good for both people and the planet.

Vermont Country Store

Vermont Country Store’s Weston and Rockingham stores invite you to step back in time and enjoy a leisurely stroll down memory lane. Wander the aisles, stocked to the rafters with penny candy, Vermont maple syrup, award-winning Vermont cheeses from many neighboring farmsteads, personal care remedies, household problem solvers, and so much more.

Vermont Distillers

Vermont Distillers produces handcrafted spirits and liqueurs in southern Vermont’s Deerfield Valley, including Metcalfe’s Vermont Maple Cream Liqueur, Maple Bourbon, Honey Bourbon, Raspberry Liqueur, and more!

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association

VMSMA is made up of Vermont maple sugarmakers and maple packers who are dedicated to producing the highest quality maple syrup found anywhere in the world. The VMSMA helps to promote and protect the branding of pure Vermont maple products and to serve as the official voice for Vermont sugar makers. Their members take great pride in maintaining a prosperous maple industry and a working landscape that future generations will enjoy.

Vermont Smoke & Cure

Vermont Smoke & Cure makes delicious meat sticks at their facility in Hinesburg, Vermont, providing the highest quality products to create the finest flavor in every bite of their meat snacks. All of Vermont Smoke & Cure’s meat snacks are made in small batches, hand crafted and slow cooked for over 18 hours. Half of the sticks are smoked in their Smokehouse to add a unique flavor. They are antibiotic and hormone free with no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors.

Von Trapp Brewery

Brewed on the grounds of Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, Von Trapp’s lagers are crafted with the finest traditional ingredients and pure Vermont spring water. Inspired by the quality brewing heritage of his ancestral homeland of Austria, Johannes von Trapp has built a world class brewery on the grounds of his family’s lodge in the pristine mountains of Stowe, Vermont. Using traditional Austrian brewing techniques, Brewmaster JP Williams creates pure, clean lagers with amazingly complex flavor profiles.

Westminster Bakers Co.

Not so many years after the American Revolution, at the hearth of a colonial house in Westminster, Massachusetts, Westminster Bakers Co.’s first Master Baker pulled a batch of warm crackers from the oven, and a New England tradition was born. Back then, the bakery’s power came from a horse and treadmill; dough was mixed and rolled by hand, then individually stamped into crackers and baked in a wood-fired brick oven. Neighbors and passers-by delighted in the fresh-baked, hearty goodness of their breads and crackers. Times have changed, but Westminster Bakers hasn’t. Leastways, not insofar as things that matter. The treadmill is gone, and the ovens aren’t wood-fired any longer, but they still take the time and effort to bake the crackers right. They stick with the same basic, wholesome ingredients that the first Master Baker used nearly 200 years ago…ingredients that everyone can pronounce. The “bake” is still long and slow, for crackers that are simply delicious.


Seated in the rolling hills of Shoreham, WhistlePig Farm produces a series of highly renowned rye whiskeys. WhistlePig showcases the tremendous flavor potential of rye while maintaining a smooth and balanced profile, identifying it with the most acclaimed whiskeys in the world. Here is a store locator for the DC area.