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Life as a BYP: The Results from the Greater Burlington Young Professional Community Survey

BYP Survey


Completed by 500 young professionals in the region between January and March of this year, the State of the Greater Burlington Young Professional Community Survey covered housing, employment, and civic engagement topics as a means to understand what young professionals want and need to continue to live and work in the greater Burlington area.

The survey had a number of key takeaways, including a call to action for more affordable single family homes and greater job growth opportunities. The survey found 40% of participants have plans to leave the state in less than 10 years and site the inability to find affordable single family homes, lack of middle management positions and childcare availability as contributing factors to them moving out of state.

Some other survey statistics:

  • Average yearly individual income: $57,000
  • Average monthly student loan debt: $424
  • Age range of survey participants: 5 percent less than 22; 36 percent 22-28; 38 percent 29-34; 19 percent 35-40; 2 percent over 40
  • Gender identity: 64 percent female; 35 percent male; 1 percent gender non-variant/non-conforming
  • Have children: 19 percent
  • Renting property: 56 percent
  • Renting property in Burlington: 30 percent
  • Top job searching method: company websites
  • Top reason for applying to a job: meaningful work


Access the full 20-page report


Burlington Young Professionals will also be hosting a seminar on June 13 at LCRCC from 8:30-9:30am to go over the results and answer any questions.  Register for the workshop.  The workshop is exclusive to LCRCC members. Thank you for understanding.