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November Spotlight: Phoebe Lo

Phoebe Lo YP Spotlight

Meet Phoebe Lo

Occupation: director of operations & culture

Organization: VCET

1. What motivated you to live and work in Vermont? To me, Vermont embodies the mere power of community. Living here, I am continually charmed by the strong sentiment of folks helping one another succeed. There is proof of this in the amount of thriving local businesses, the overlapping of communities, and even neighbors shoveling each other out of snowstorms. Not only that but the grit that is required to live in a place like Vermont year round, with its four drastic seasons, I think makes for a truly empathetic human being and someone who welcomes change.
2. What is your favorite part of your job? I have the unique opportunity to amplify culture in a community filled with incredible people. The collaborative and innovative energy is contagious, and I love being able to welcome people into a community that I am confident will support them.
3. What is the best career advice you have ever received? I’ve felt empowered by so much beautiful advice over the years but one bit stuck with me the most. You’ll never be 100% ready or prepared for your next role (or stage in life), and you cannot let that hold you back. All that you need is the confidence to learn new things, remain curious, and stay vulnerable. In fact, if you feel comfortably prepared that means you are not reaching high enough!
4. What impact do you want to have on your community? Being active in the fight to dismantle racism and deconstruct patriarchy so that our community can feel inclusive and be equitable for all. Since this is a multifaceted endeavour, I hope to have an impact in both the industries that surround me, as well as, within my local community.
5. What are you most proud of? In my mid twenties, I travelled around the world over the course of two years on a solo backpacking trip, working in various countries along the way. It was the most expansive and enlightening experience, and I’m proud to have done it on my own. I highly recommend it!

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