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Get Out and Vote In Vermont Primary Elections

If you don't vote in Vermont Primary Elections, you may find the decisions already made for you come November...

What if I told you that the general election in Vermont was not in November and instead was underway right now, as during the primary election? You’d be disappointed when you showed up to cast a ballot in November only to find yourself mostly just voting for the candidates other people already choose. Well, this is essentially true! Many of the most competitive political contests are between Democrats vying for the same office this year. That means that this year it is even more important to vote in the Vermont primary election. There’s good news, primary election voting is going on right now and will end on August 9th. 

Some subtleties about voting in Vermont; 

  • You can select one party’s ballot to vote in the primary election (Democrat, Republican, or Progressive Party), and you do not need to be registered for that party in order to vote with the ballot you choose. 
  • Be sure to check both sides of the ballot. Some big electoral contests, such as the Chittenden County State’s Attorney race, are on the back. 
  • You can vote any time between now and August 9th. It’s easy in Vermont to vote early and often! 

Across the country, primary elections are leading to political extremes and increasing polarization in our country as candidates in primary elections have little incentive to market themselves to centrist individuals and play increasingly to their highly active political base. One answer to this could be increasing the number of people who get out and vote in primary elections, not just general elections. 

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