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How to improve your chances of finding a job in a COVID-19 economy

Seemingly overnight, the pandemic has altered the way we approach many facets of our lives. And even though “lay offs” and “furloughs” are terms coming up again and again in our business community, the job hunt and demand for talent still exists. 

HR Consulting team at Gallagher, Flynn & Company LLP is one of Vermont’s most connected Executive and Professional Search Teams that has a primary mission to connect top talent with Vermont businesses. In their “How to improve your chances of finding a job in a COVID-19 economy” webinar, they joined TalentBTV to help job seekers navigate their pandemic job search:

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Access the slide deck here.

At TalentBTV, we are committed to resolving your talent challenges–whether you are an individual in search of your next career move or an employer struggling with vacant positions. If you are currently looking for a position, we encourage you to upload your resume to our resume drive. And if you are a business owner, human resources professional or recruiter, you can access our resume drive and access talent by emailing [email protected]