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Member Resources

Our business community is here to help – and we’re here to make sure you’re connected. Check out these member-created resources for your business.

Income Advance Program Q&A with Rhino Foods Foundation – February 17, 2021

The Income Advance Program focuses on employee financial stability by providing employees with access to emergency funds that help them overcome adversity and get on a path toward greater resilience by helping them build credit and start saving for the future.  This one hour webinar explains the quick and easy process of setting up and administering this program with no risk to the employer.

Commercial Real Estate Q&A with Pomerleau Real Estate – January 15, 2021

Locating the right commercial space is imperative for your business. That mounted pressure of finding the right space can make the commercial real estate search even more daunting and overwhelming. There is a great deal to consider, and while navigating the web might present you with some solid listings, it is necessarily going to answer all your questions.

How to Leverage Your Business’ Value Proposition to Attract and Retain Top Talent with Gallagher, Flynn & Co. – December 3, 2020

Vermont businesses no longer have the luxury of assuming recruiting and retaining top talent is going to be easy. Today, employees have tons of options and are highly discerning while choosing jobs and employers. So, how can you attract and retain top talent in this competitive market? By offering a compelling Employee Value Proposition (also called employer value proposition) to current employees as well as potential candidates. 

How to Improve Your Chances of Finding a Job in a COVID-19 Economy with Gallagher, Flynn & Co. – December 1, 2020

COVID-19. Pandemic. Face masks. Social distancing. These are the words that have taken over our lives, seemingly overnight. But what about searching for a new job? Yes, the job hunt still exists, but as with everything else, things are radically different now. The HR Consulting team at Gallagher, Flynn & Company LLP is one of Vermont’s most connected Executive and Professional Search Teams that has a primary mission to connect top talent with Vermont businesses.

Workplace COVID-19 Testing with Garnet – December 1, 2020

With the recent spike in coronavirus cases, we’ve received even more questions about testing employees, so our Government Affairs Manager sat down with Chelsea Sweeny of Garnet to talk about the testing services they offer to employers in the region.

LCC Employment Attorney Roundtable – Workplace Tension with Paul, Frank + Collins, Sheehey Furlong & Behm, and Downs Rachlin Martin – October 30, 2020

This is a tough time for everyone, and it is showing in workplaces, as COVID-fatigue starts to show, elections anxiety is at its strongest, and employees try to navigate the upcoming holiday season in the face of travel restrictions. In this 30-minute video, LCC’s Government Affairs Manager, Austin Davis, sat down with three highly respected employment attorneys in our region to discuss how employers can navigate these turbulent times in partnership with their employees. 

Health Insurance Q&A with CK Financial – September 24, 2020

This time of year, and even more so during the COVID era, health insurance is on employers’ minds. Whether you are evaluating your current plans or looking to provide health insurance for the first time, there is plenty to think about. Erin Bombard, the Lake Champlain Chamber’s Director of Business and Talent Development, recently sat down with Erik Kolomaznik of CK Financial for a quick Q&A on health insurance. Erik filled her in on what employers should be thinking about, how they can manage the number of options available and how they can financially support this employee benefit.

If you would like to create a resource for our business community, contact Erin Bombard.