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Become a Vermont Welcome Wagon Project Host

Connect with new Vermonters

Have you lived in Vermont all your life? Are you a “boomerang”? Are you passionate about life here in the Green Mountain State? Volunteer to be a Host with the Vermont Welcome Wagon Project!

The Vermont Welcome Wagon Project (VWWP) aims to help retain new, newly returning, and existing Vermonters by getting them connected (or more deeply connected) to the community! Seeking to complement other efforts in the state to close the talent gap, VWWP mobilizes their volunteer Hosts to engage with new Vermonters. The goal is to give newcomers a sense of what life in Vermont is like and help them connect with their community in meaningful ways more quickly than they would on their own. The Chittenden County Chapter of VWWP is managed and run by the Lake Champlain Chamber, as this work furthers the Chamber’s mission to support Vermont’s emerging talent.

So, how does it work?

  • New Vermonters fill out a form to participate that includes some basic information on their interests and the types of connections they are seeking. 
  • Brief descriptions of the new Vermonters are included in a monthly VWWP newsletter.
  • Hosts receive the newsletter and reach out to VWWP by email expressing who they would like to connect with. 
  • VWWP sends an email introducing the new Vermonter and the Host.
  • The new Vermonter and Host take it from there!

How do I become a Host?

  • Fill out this form to sign up.
  • Look out for VWWP’s monthly emails.
  • Try to make at least one connection per month by emailing VWWP with the name of the person (or people) you are interested in meeting.

The connection can include having the new Vermonter over for dinner, taking them on a hike, meeting up for coffee, chatting over a phone or video call, inviting them to join in for an activity you enjoy…or something entirely different! The most important part is exchanging Vermont stories and sharing how you found (or are finding) community. Each visit can make a new Vermonter feel welcome and give them a better understanding of life in Vermont.


For more relocation resources, please click here. For questions, contact [email protected]