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Talent BTV tackles our community’s talent challenges

For those of you keeping up to date on your Chamber newsletters and our annual report, you may have noticed a new Chamber program moniker, Talent BTV.

Talent BTV logo

We are in the business of connections. We foster connections between employers and employees, among big companies and small, between our member-employers and their representatives in Montpelier. And we’ve been able to tie much of this networking into neat programming packages: Advocacy, Leadership Champlain, LaunchVT and Hello Burlington. 

We didn’t, however, have a way to express our talent development work, those connections we have been making between employers and their future employees. Finding talent has always been a leading concern for our members and with programs and initiatives like relocation services, Burlington Young Professionals, professional mentoring and our resume resource, we have been able to address many of those concerns. 

We wanted a way to not only bring all these talent initiatives together but give ourselves room to grow and uncover new ways to connect you to top talent. Enter, Talent BTV!

Talent BTV strengthens our talent development work and makes a more concerted effort to solve our community’s workforce challenges. Chamber programs like Burlington Young Professionals and relocation services now live under Talent BTV.  These programs will work hand-in-hand to nurture our community’s emerging talent.

Our goal is to make your talent challenges a thing of the past.

Have questions about Talent BTV? Reach out to Erin Bombard, our Director of Business and Talent Development.